We have a Permanent, Zine library nestled in Andromeda , there you can come and read and or make a zine – We have a growing collaboration with the Aarhus Artbook and Zine Fest :

Aarhus Art Book and Zine Fest is an annual self-publishing event in Denmark.We are a small group of passionate artists and producers that want to share the medium of self published works with the Nordik region by organising these events we hope to showcase the influence of zines, art books, and other printed matter, and the real people behind them.
2019 Marks our fourth session, and we bring together the people that
make and collect and sell their self produced printed matter.
Our theme is: Self made.
Come Nov 30 – Dec 1st , for the celebration of printed matter .



Check this video from the zine exhibition “Decolonize Your Tastebuds” in collaboration with Gobaad Kulturforening where we had hosted conversations and made food with taste that didn’t get mellowed out. A space to be unapologetically you , and learn stories behind food.

Credit to
Chinese Fields -Ode to Satusai – the Bethlehem Beard Corporation