This year we are exploring the theme ‘Making Public’ and the means and methods of sharing ideas and perspectives through printed matter.

We are excited to welcome self publishers, artists, and collectives from Spain, the UK, Belgium, Denmark, and Poland this year who will present, have readings or talks, around this theme and share their ideas and creations with you.

We are honored this year to be at the central Library Dokk1 in the main corridor “Rampen” on platforms 1-4. These venues will host different parts of the two day event.

Friday 10.11.2017 16:00-22:00 at Dokk 1
16:00 – Opening speech and welcoming by Abdul Dube
Project Leader and Founder of ABZ

16-22:00 – ABZ 2017 “Making Public” Exhibition

Presentations Round 1
17:00 – Aysha Amin – The Funambulist
17:30 – Ariane Poisson – Hysteria
18:00 – David Rickerby – Vagabondforlag
18:30 – Henriette Kruse Jørgensen – The Exposed
19:00 – Iskra Dinkova
19:15 – fishbowl q&a – presenters 1-5*
20:30 – break

20:45 – Reading – Stefan Bakmand Andersen
21:00 – Music Performance

22:00 – Dokk1 closes

Saturday 11.11.2017 10:00-16:00 at Dokk 1
10:00 – Good morning and Welcome to Day 2

10-16:00 – ABZ 2017 “Making Public” Exhibition

11:00-16:00 – Market open at Dokk1

Presentations Round 2
10:15 – Michal Chojeki – Oficyna Peryferie
10:45 – Ann-Kristin Stølan – Bergen Zines
11:15 – Anna Sofie Mørch Bendixen – CPH Zine Fest
11:45 – Nicoline S. Simonsen – visAvis
12:15 – fishbowl q&a – presenters 6-9*
13:15 – break

14:00 – Reading Sara Vinderslev Mirkhani & Holger Seidelin
15:00 – Reading – David Rickerby
15:45 – Farewell

16:00 – Dokk1 closes

Satuday – Long Dinner Table at 18:30 hosted by Mona Ebdrup at Frontløberne Black Box – Jaegergardsgade 152 – donation based – after party after dinner – BYOB, Honesty bar – feat. Saskeye & Schram!

All events are free and open to the public!

*After the presentation round there will be a Fishbowl Q&A where the presenters can ask each other questions and engage the audience together.


Sorry no updates today – got carried away with making zines for tomorrow – will double/tripple post tomorrow. Follow us on instagram @abz_nu and come to "Making Public" tomorrow from 16:00!Invite your friends, remind your doctor, and call the fire department – ABZ is on fire!See you at Dokk1!

Slået op af Aarhus Art Book and Zine fest – ABZ i Torsdag den 9. november 2017


 Ariane Poisson from HYSTERIA!

Ariane Poisson (@officialhuffingtonpost) is a Brussels-based Franco-American feminist philosopher who grew up in Wisconsin, USA, came into consciousness in Montreal, Canada, and recently gave up academia after completing her MA at KU Leuven (and reading too much Sara Ahmed and Yasmin Nair). She is currently a content editor for the HYSTERIA Collective, a group of radical feminists who manage and release an annual print periodical (coming out this November!). Ariane and the HYSTERIA Collective aim to counter mainstream feminist discourse by creating a platform for creative discourse about a variety of feminisms, focusing on under represented perspectives and encompassing poetry, text, and the visual arts. Because the Collective focuses on the multiplicity and fluidity of feminist thought and identity, it welcomes all voices with hysterical solidarity, even and especially those that juxtapose, intermingle, and are in critical dialogue with one another.

The Funambulist by Aysha Amin

“My name is Aysha Amin, I am an artist and activist, born and raised in the west side of Aarhus, Denmark. I am part of the first generation that experiences the changes of the political, structural and social masterplan while still having memories of childhood from the original and raw Gellerup. As the co-founder I work on the art collective and space Andromeda. I have assisted and worked with projects in Gellerup, revolving urban planning, social media and art. Such as the project Smag á la Gellerup and the Aarhus Architecture Festival at Gellerup museum with the exhibition Never Demolish and later on contributed for the magazine The Funambulist with an article on Gellerup and its structural stigmatization”.

The Funambulist is a bimestral printed+online magazine dedicated to the politics of space and bodies, with a book series, a blog and a podcast. The magazine remains constant in its critical examination of the politics of the built environment in relation to bodies. It recognizes no space as neutral in the way bodies are politically engaged with it. The Funambulist therefore intends to not only deconstruct these relationships of power in relation to space, but also to propose methodologies to involve space and design in the context of resisting struggles.
Video of Editor-in-Chief Léopold Lambert:

Michał Chojecki

Visual artist specialized in printmaking and bookmaking. He works as professor assistant at Graphic Arts Faculty at Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. His most popular art projects are related to traveling: project „Wrota” and the book „What Was, What Is, And What Will Happen” concern his journeys through Siberia (Russia) in 2010 and 2011, „A Hut in Himalayas” is a project and book documenting undertaking of building a small hermitage in Indian Himalayas (2013-14). His Ph.D. project is called „What Really Matters?” (2015). He created several art books and dozens of zines, alone and in collaborations.

In 2014 he founded Oficyna Peryferie – a publishing house and print workshop dedicated to art books and zines. Their mission is to promote artists publishing in Poland and release the most interesting works by visual artists working in the medium of a book.

Iskra Dinkova

Is an educated designer and self-taught artist, whose work combines elements from both spheres in order to comment on contemporary social issues, with the goal of stimulating the viewer to question what is accepted as common norms.

At the ABZ event I will share my experience of integrating zines into my art an what/how zines have added to the work.

Name of talk: Asher
Short summary: The journey of an artist with no prior experience with DIY publishing. The power of exposing your thoughts / ideas / message publicly. Sharing your story with the help of a tangible and unpretentious piece of media (such as the zine), in order to potentially contribute to and/or influencing another human life positively.

Abdul Dube will open and introduce Aarhus Art Book and Zine Fest 2017 – Making Public – on “The Rampen” inside Dokk1

This will be a must see talk about ABZ, zines, art books, self publishing, other printed matter, the history, the local scene, the global scene, who’s involved, who’s here, why we’re at Dokk1, what’s going to happen the next two days, and much much more!

Abdul is the project leader, founder, and graphic artist for ABZ!

David Rickerby

I am a middle-aged ex bank robber who came to Denmark 20 years to avoid being sucked back into crime. I worked for a while before I ended up on the streets where I wrote a trilogy of books about my criminal and vagabond life. I am now living ion a caravan and trying to make it as a writer.

The Vagabondforlag

Anna Sofie Mørch Bendixen

…is the organizer of CPH Zine Fest and an eager advocate for the inherent political power of the zine format. She has published her ideas through zines since she was a teenager, and now works to spread the knowledge and know-how needed for more people to do the same.

Henriette Kruse Jørgensen

…works as an interaction designer and creative entrepreneur in the intersection of print and digital media. In 2015 she founded The Exposed Magazine with the support from the design-driven incubator CIID Nest.

The Exposed magazine focus on new photography in the intersection of documentary and conceptual art photography. The magazine uncover narrow issues such as, reporting from the first sustainable city in the Abu Dhabi desert, visualizing connections between beekeeping and science fiction and observing Earth’s moon-like landscapes from the northernmost sites of Iceland.

The Exposed is a print magazine accompanied by an iPhone app that recognize images inside the magazine. The printed pages are designed to visually intrigue you, while the app opens up a whole new editorial context. Through audio introductions and video elements the artist’s voice pulls you closer to their subjects and themes explored.

The Exposed

Rødderne – Den Arkivariske Front

Rødderne den Arkivariske Front / Institute of Emancipatory Science is a group subject situated at Idéhistorie (AU), det Jyske Kunstakademi, det Kongelige Kunstakademi and Rietveld Academy Amsterdam. Rødderne den Arkivariske Front has manifested the Institute of Emancipatory Science at AroS, Aarhus University, Åby Bibliotek, Udstillingsstedet Hjørnet, ARKmappen and later in 2018 at Spanien19C.
The Institute of Emancipatory Science work to emancipate archives and institutions through machine-driven text production and situational interventions. Also, we run a publishing house, Arkivaristerneos Bogklub (

Niklas Wriedt

My name is Niklas and I have made a different kind of drawing book for kids and adults, its called “Vil Du Tegne Med Mig?” (Do You Wanna Draw With Me?)
Together with my friend and partner Lai, we try to share and sell this book around Denmark to individuals and to institutions.
We do this, because we believe in the value of imagination and creativity, and because we believe we all learn in different ways.
When learning differently, we should also be met differently. This is what this book and concept is about. It is a way of motivating the visual learner, but it is also a way to help and inspire those who wants to start drawing again.

Saraand Holger
Sara Mirkhani og Holger Seidelin blander illustrationer og poesi i kunst-bladrebogen ”Shampoo”, der fortæller historien om livet i en storby, oplevet igennem den ikke navngivet unge hovedpersons liv. Bogen er en undersøgelse. Det handler om identitet, og om hvad hovedpersonen erkender i sin rejse rundt i dens mange afkroge, hvor spørgsmålet om hvem, hvad og hvordan den er formet må behandles. Det handler om samtiden, mødet i mellem de glimtende utopiske drømme og den mystiske virkeligheden, hvor sindet og kroppen må vride sig igennem tiden som en magtesløs passager i et stort tog, der galoperer rundt i mulighedernes og manglernes verden.



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