In the form of sculptures, video projections, print and sound installation, the Gallery of Andromeda will take you on a sensuous journey, made by three artists who’ve lived in Gellerup.
Portraying and embodying the feeling of comfort and dislocation with alien objects collected and constructed from the site, voices pushing significance onto these alien artefacts, the audience will be observing their surroundings in new challenging forms.

Jayne Dent
Louie Pegna
Sophie Soobramanien

Aysha Amin

Saturday: 19-21

Opening hours:
Friday – Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00

Part of the International Youth Arts & Culture Festival 11-14 May 2017

Jayne Dent, Louie Pegna and Sophie Soobramanien are young artists living and working in Newcastle, in the North East of England. They all lived in Gellerup whilst studying at the Det Jyske Kunstakademi, they have been invited back to make a group show based on their changing experience of living in Gellerup.

Jayne Dent considers systems of understanding and the urge to explain the inexplicable. Jayne: “And so also but if still yet;
When beach combing for puzzle parts and dusting them for prints,
I thought I heard you calling making fire striking flints,
I ran to where I thought you were, but there wasn’t a sign,
I left these traces round about that you’d one day be mine.
Objects are collected and archived to construct a naive archaeological history of the site. With traces of the human hand and voice pushing significance onto these alien artifacts, the collector is desparate to understand the timeline of a rapidly changing environment.”

Louie Pegna seeks out encounters with unreal and invites the audience to look closely. Louie: “For this show I present, in collaboration, a small invasion: an alien landing craft from the mid seventies carrying a precious homely bizarre cargo; doubled precociously and sagging under the weight of futures pasted upon futures in an exclusive Forbidden Planet light show.”

Sophie Soobramanien is interested in collecting, cataloging and re-piecing material as a method for drawing out or discovering meaning. Sophie: “The film I’m presenting as part of Children of Tomorrow seeks to explore Gellerup’s liminiality as a site that is in transition. How it is possible to embody a feeling of transience and observe your surroundings between a sense of comfort and dislocation. If we zoom into the obscure does it become more clear or more abstract? Large and intrusive, foreign bodies tug at the land and swing concrete slabs from great heights, simultaneously displacing and rebuilding.”

Aysha Amin; artist, born and raised in Gellerup, was curating the group show!

Images from the event

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