Amazounds is a show performed by the Artist Auria Paz with the mission of expanding awareness. Auria will share her unique performance of storytelling and folklore music at Andromeda 8220 for the first time!

Oral Storytelling is an ancestral art of transmitting knowledge and preparing humans to overcome challenging cycles of life. The power of words and music played with the harmonic sounds of the string instrument “Charango” recognizes the audience’s feelings.
Stories of empathy, adventure and self-confidence with a modern twist that makes them relatable with everyday life will be told. We are going to travel from the Amazon and Andes of Latin America to the Northern tradition with fun and lucidity.

Auria is a bilingual storyteller and musician. She was born in Amazonas, Chachapoyas in Peru. She tells stories since she was four years old. Auria is the author of pieces of drama, poetry, travel chronicles, tales and songs. She has got her training with the best storytellers of Peru, Brazil, Argentina and with her grandmother. Auria has a huge sense of adventure and desire to know the “self”. As an artist, she believes in the healing power of words, that is why she explores the wisdom of oral traditions and communicates them. Inspired by her passion, she has explored The Amazonian-Andes, the Jungle of Latin America and now Europe. Her love for communication also covers music and languages. She sings and plays the Andean string instrument “Charango” with its sweet and harmonic sound.

The 2nd November 2018 from 20:00 to 22:00

There will be another event, Slam Poetry with Amina Elmi from 19:00-20:00 so join us for that too. We will have a delicious meal from 18:00 up for grabs where you can donate what you can, so come come come!

Join us for a beautiful night of stories and music.

Free entrance

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